Importance Of Interfaith Harmony In Presence Day

A seminar was held in bahauddin university zakariya on 7th february 2019 at 09;am to 01;pm with the coordination of UIPM DR Allama GR chishti was special guest speaker professor Dr Mohammad idrees lodhi head of institute of Islamic Studies and Research presiding over the meeting while Mr Mahendra Singh MPA Chairman Human Right committee punjab Pakistan was Chief Guest  Doctors , Professors and students boys and girl and leaders from various religion and communities participated Dr Altaf hussain Langrial delivered his speech . Allama Dr GR Chishti and other speakers streed on World Interfaith HArmony week is a common platform for Religion of the world  it is based on common word document and initiated by hashmat kingdom of jordan it can can be used to settled all religious conflict like Kashmir between India and Pakistan , syria and Iraq, palestine and Arab & Israel which are real hurdle on the way of word peace through a resolution the UN secretory General was appeared to stand with Jordan The Garden of muslim and christian holy sites and preserver of Peace in the Holy city .

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