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Dear brothers
As a participation in the World Interfaith Harmony Week, we completed our first stage of our  campaign to support Yemeni childern who are suffering from the war and we targeted most families who are missing basic life needs  such as foods, medicine and cloths.

We selected 18 of those famillies and provided them with food baskets that are sufficient for a month.
This campaign succeeded with your generous support and contributions.

Our next project will be to provide infants and toddlers ( 0 to 2 years old) with formula and milk. Each can of milk costs $18 .
 Every kids needs an average of 4 cans per month. Our goal is to provide milk for 100 children.
We hope that you continue supporting the Yemeni people and children in particular in these difficult times. Please support us through cliking on the link below:



We hope you share this with your friends and invite them to be part of this humanitarian appeal.

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