Interfaith Dialogue on Current Issues

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2019-02-08 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Country: Nepal
City: Kathmandu
The National Coordinator of Dharmik Chautari Nepal, Mr. BP Khanal took the initiative and invited the religious leaders on a roundtable interfaith dialogue. All together 17 prominent leaders from Hindu, Buddha, Christian, Kirat, Jain and Baha'i and Media Practitioners were participated the event. The dialogue highlighted on the discriminatory provisions on the New Constitution and Penal Code, media bombards against Christians and other minority religious groups and also Government's control to the NGOs particularly run by the Christians, Buddhists and Muslims and also what the Inter-Religious efforts are continually contributing towards Nation-building by addressing social evils and the politically vested and influenced 'religious nationalism, etc. The consent is made to work together to reach out the media, Government and grass-root communities in coming days. The program was sponsored (financed) by Religious Liberty Forum Nepal. Among the high profile personalities Mr. Keshab Chaulagain (Hindu, General Secretary to Nepal Inter-Religious Network), Dr. Naman Upadhhyay (Jain, President to Nepal Inter-Religion Network), Mr. Narendra Pandey (Baha'i, Freelancer Interfaith Activist), Acharya Norbu Pasang Sherpa (Buddhist, Vice President to National Buddhist Federation of Nepal), Pastor Tanka Subedi (Christian, Co-Chairperson to Nepal Christian Society), Rev. Dilli Ram Paudel (Christian, General Secretary to Nepal Christian Society), Kuber Gurung (Member to Interfaith Peace Federation of Nepal) and Mr. BP Khanal (National Coordinator to Dharmik Chautari Nepal & Secretariat Coordinator to International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief - Nepal Chapter) and others representatives of the different faith and professions.