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The Surrey Interfaith Council is working to create an environment of interfaith respect and harmony among faith traditions by promoting religious freedom and social justice in the community of Surrey, British Columbia. But we know that this goal can’t just be local; in order for this goal to reach its fullest potential in our community, we need to work with global partners who understand that interfaith harmony is essential in our increasingly connected, multicultural world.

For this reason, we are proud supporters of the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, a time for people of all faiths around the world to testify publicly that all major faiths have an equal right to adhere to their teachings and practices without prejudice from others; to remind ourselves that God is impartial and loving towards all people; and to recognize the need to live exemplary lives in order to transmit mature spiritual values to future generations.

World Interfaith Harmony Week encourages us to put these values into practice. We know that peace and goodwill can only happen on a global scale if it is happening in individuals and then in small communities first. As we come together during this week in various places of worship, some not our own, we become a sign to the world that security, peace, and harmony are possible.