160 – Paul Z. Carlson

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We live in an interesting period of transition as we move from more conservative, perhaps exclusive, ways of viewing our religious traditions to a broader understanding of religious experience across the human spectrum. The transition pivots around a basic point, in my view: that the diverse traditions in which each of us are rooted are no longer to be understood as exclusive claims to truth. This is a hard point to concede for many, but it is crucial for interfaith dialogue to progress. It does not mean that we give up our traditions for a moment to a composite faith, but rather that we speak to one another deeply out of the best of our traditions in the interest of a common humanity under God. We become learners and listeners, friends and companions, and ideally even workers together on a spiritual path for the good of all, especially for the most vulnerable among us. Collectively we have great power to change the course of history from violence to non-violence, war to peace, injustice to justice. I am pleased to support Interfaith Harmony Week and will be sure to speak of it in my congregation.

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Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

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