Upstanders not Bystanders

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2020-01-26 5:26 PM

Country: United Kingdom
  • Organizer

    Interfaith Glasgow

  • Location

    pin St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art Glasgow

In the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day Interfaith Glasgow presents: Upstanders Not Bystanders One of a series of events by Interfaith Glasgow marking World Interfaith Harmony Week An interfaith event exploring strategies for challenging hate speech as it is happening. Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you were a witness to a hate crime? Many victims report the fact that others stood by and did nothing as particularly distressing. But how many of us are sure we'd have the confidence to step up and would know what to do? In this interfaith event, we will explore together strategies for challenging hate speech as it is happening, so as to empower each other to stand up to prejudice and support each other in challenging times. We will hear from: Farkhanda Chaudry, Experienced trainer and Equality Development Officer with East Renfewshire Council Sarah Robinson Galloway, Senior Action on Prejudice Officer for Youth Link Scotland Sabahat Rabbani, a niqab wearing Muslim woman who has experienced prejudice and abuse There will be tea, coffee, cake and time for conversation. All are welcome!